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Allura is the issue system which is used by It can also be downloaded and run on your own servers.
An Allura admin has to make this integration available as an Allura tool, after which a project admin can enable the integration for his project.

For Allura Administrators


The Incentify tool for Allura consists of a web service which is used for reading ticket data.
Download the Allura tool here. It was tested on Allura 0.1.
To add the Incentify tool to Allura, install the downloaded package with pip or easy_install.
The Incentify tool should appear in the list of tools available for installation on project administration pages.

For Project Administrators

Installing tool

The Incentify tool requires the Tickets tool in order to work properly. In case the Tickets tool is missing, please add it to your project before installing Incentify.
On project administration page click the Incentify tool. It is important not to change the mount point.

Tool configuration

Because the tool exposes more information than a tracking system normally would, it is a good practice to set a service access name and password. The service access name and password can be any character string. In case a configuration service access name and a password exist for the extension, our reader must provide these credentials when making a request for issue data. To be able to read issue data, it is important to enter the service access name and password to Donay during the partner signup.

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